Friday, June 24, 2011

Who Supports Election Reform? The People Do

One test of the popularity (emphasis on popu - of the people) of electoral reforms like National Popular Vote is the gathering storm from the right wing... See Roger Stone's view below...

A Plan to Reform the Electoral College (by Roger Stone, Andrew Breitbart's Big Government) The proponents of a constitutional amendment that would mandate a direct popular election would hand our elections over to union-funded operatives who engage in voter fraud and vote stealing. Andrew Breitbart has accurately highlighted the incredible electoral frauds perpetrated by ACORN and I have written extensively about the shady and illegal voter fraud activities of New York’s left-wing Working Families Party (WFP).

The Note: 2012 Focus Remains On ‘Nation Building’ At Home (By MICHAEL FALCONE and AMY WALTER, ABC News/The Note - Washington's Original and Most Influential Tipsheet) But the Bloomberg numbers also showed that an embrace of the Rep. Paul Ryan budget plan is a huge turn off for independent voters. Americans by a 57 percent to 34 percent margin believe they would be worse off with the Ryan Medicare plan, including 58 percent of independents.

A response from Joel Klein on status quo apologists (By Valerie Strauss, Washington Post/The Answer Sheet) No, Professor Pallas, I don’t think knowledge resides in kids and, like iron ore, all we need to do is carefully extract it.  What I do think is that our schools, and especially our teachers, need to do a much better job of educating our kids – that is, teaching them the skills and knowledge they will need to be successful in the 21st century.  As I put it in my piece, “teachers matter, big time.”

Right to be nominated (By Mo Jihong (China Daily) Every citizen with political rights can be legally elected as a deputy to the people's congress at county and township level. The new round of local people's congress elections at the county and township level is approaching and has attracted widespread public interest. There's a heated discussion in the media and among netizens about the so-called independent candidates.


Beyond The Political Spectrum said...

This country has always needed election reform, but true election reforms statrst in the minds and hearts of the voters

Nancy Hanks said...

Thanks for your comment, Beyond.