Wednesday, November 09, 2011

William J. Kelleher: Voting - An Essential, But Not Sufficient, Requirement for Democracy

Congrats to my colleague and co-blogger from the West Coast William J. Kelleher, PhD on the publication of his new Internet Voting Now! Here's How. Here's Why -- So You Can Kiss Citizens United Goodbye!

Internet Voting Now! is a thoughtful and compelling defense of moving beyond partisan machine politics in America into the current age of technology, bringing our original revolutionary founding principals and intentions with us.

Dedicated "to the men and women of our Founding Generation, who were willing to sacrifice everything for the Original American Dream -- Liberty through Self-Government," Internet Voting Now! begins:
Like the horseless carriage 100 years ago, Internet voting is coming to the USA.
And to get you started on his blog, here's a snipit from his latest post on Internet Voting For All, which rang a serious bell for me:
Voting, of course, is a very serious matter. It is an essential, albeit not sufficient, requirement for democracy. Voting is one of the principle ways by which the people of a nation are empowered to have a voice in their own destinies. The process of voting, that is, the means by which a vote is conducted, must be one that commands the trust of the voters, or the results will not be legitimate. Illegitimate governments can only cause political unhappiness, and possibly political unrest and turmoil. Hence, the right to cast a vote is meaningless unless the means by which the vote is counted is trustworthy.
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