Thursday, January 12, 2012

Where Are Independents in 2012???

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Did Independents Make a Mark in Iowa? (Jacqueline Salit, Executive Editor, The Neo-Independent magazine, Huffington Post) First, a closer look at the numbers. Independent voter participation in the GOP caucuses might have been up as compared with 2008, but the participation by independents as a whole was way down. In 2008, an estimated 66,000 independents came out to vote in both parties' Iowa caucuses, more than twice the number of independents who chose to vote on Tuesday. In 2008, 75% chose Democratic balloting, and 41% of those voted for Obama. In other words, the conspicuous feature of Tuesday's Iowa caucus was the number of independents who stayed home.
Why We Need To Care About The Iowa Caucus (Written by WFMY News 2 CBS-Greenville NC) In recent days, lots of attention has been directed towards the Iowa caucus. At nearly 1,000 miles away, North Carolinians may be wondering why this is important to them. WFMY News 2 spoke with Dr. Omar Ali, Independent Political Analyst and Historian at UNC Greensboro to bring you more information.
Independents, Third Party Candidates Mull Galbraith Legacy (by Phillip M. Bailey, WFPL News 89.3 Louisville) Kentucky independents and third party advocates are reflecting on the death of perennial candidate Gatewood Galbraith, who brought attention to candidates outside the two main political parties… Michael Lewis is chairman of Independent Kentucky, a non-partisan group that supports legislation to allow independents to vote in primary elections. He says Galbraith helped citizens who weren’t interested in either party get involved in the political process.
Mississippi Politics: Can Independents Help Reform? (Monica Betts, Politics365) One Independent Activist and Voter, Marla Nottingham of Brookhaven, MS, felt the election blues and decided she would petition for voters to have the right to vote in “open primaries” as Independents and vote for a politician of their choice whether Independent, Democrat or Republican. In 4 days Marla gathered 1,500 signatures in her home town.

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