Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Voter Registration Down, Independents Up, National Scene -- Look At the Independents

What's up? Independent voter registration and identification. What's down? Partisan politics and partisan registration.

  • CNN Poll:Obama Expands Lead To 7 Points, Independent Voters Cool On Romney (Kyle Leighton, TPM) “Among independent voters, the poll indicates President Obama has a 53%-42% lead,” CNN Polling Director Keating Holland told CNN.com. “The president holds a nine point advantage among women voters and a smaller six point edge among men.”
  • Ann McFeatters: Watch the rise of independent voters (Newsday) A record number of us now say we are political independents, swiveling our heads right and left as we watch the Democrats and the Republicans try to govern -- and fail. Forty-four percent of Americans insist they are neither Republican nor Democrat, according to Gallup polling. That is about 9 percentage points higher than surveys showed at the same period in 2008, the last presidential election year.



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