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Monday, February 25, 2013

C-SPAN 3 Coverage of National Conference of Independents Tonight 12:30AM: Change the Culture to Change the System

UPDATED 3/1/13 -- Jacqueline Salit's keynote address link fixed

Portions of the 2013 National Conference of Independents will air tonight on C-SPAN 3 beginning at12:30 am (2/26) president Jacqueline Salit's keynote address [not enbedable] followed by the panel discussion on "Changing the Culture to Change the System" moderated by Salit and Harry Kresky and including South Carolina State Rep Joe Neal; Omar Ali, Adjunct Professor, University North Carolina at Greensboro; Jason Olson, Director,; Bradley Tusk, Mike Bloomberg 2009 campaign manager;  Steve Peace, Chair, California Independent Voter Project; Lenora Fulani, co-founder,; Ted Downing, co-author, Arizona Top Two open primary initiative.
The segments re-air at 4:45 am on C-SPAN 3.

Stay tuned!


The Moderate Nation said...

UGH! I can't get my DVR to record things on CSPAN. So I have to watch online, I guess it's not that bad.

The Moderate Nation said...

Also, the formatting of this post is kind of hard to look at/read. It's not easy on the eyes. :)

Nancy Hanks said...

Thanks so much The Moderate Nation! I have corrected the link and you can now view some of the conference online.