Thursday, June 08, 2006

Pennsylvania: Russ Diamond Condemns Perzel’s Taxpayer-Funded Makeover

Reacting to revelations in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, Russ Diamond, Independent for Governor, called upon House Speaker John Perzel to end his contract with public relations firm Hershey-Philbin Associates and to reimburse taxpayers immediately for all expenditures associated with actions taken by the firm on his behalf.
“John Perzel should not be using taxpayer funds to polish up his image,” said Diamond. “We simply cannot afford to pay $5,000 per month for Perzel to cast himself in a better light after leading the Commonwealth down the path of arrogance and greed.”
Diamond listed the now-infamous pay raise, the slots bill, the failure to address property taxes and a lack of governmental integrity as issues Perzel bears responsibility for foisting upon the citizens as Speaker of the House.
“To ignore these issues is indefensible. To use taxpayer dollars to try to gloss over them and shirk your responsibility is even worse. When I’m elected, I intend to use the full brunt of the weight of the Governor’s office to end these abuses,” concluded Diamond.

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