Thursday, August 16, 2007

Conversations on Being Real Clear

Justin Miller (worth a read) quotes Peter Grier's Christian Science Monitor article on RealClearPolitics in his commentary today: "The gains really come from alienated, independent voters who tend to be fickle, can stay home on Election Day and are easily drawn to third party candidates...."

News for you, Justin: Independents have an agenda, which corresponds to a non-partisan, let's say anti-partisan view of politics. Fickle? I think not. Independents CHOOSE to be second class citizens. We don't have the rights that partisans have, but we think partisanship is dangerous to the future of the country. Let's be real clear!

I'm PROUD to be "alienated" in a world of partisan deal-making clubhouse political policy that doesn't represent the American people! To be in sinq with the Parties will only drag us backward. We need to move beyond partisanship and the deadly destructive global politics we are now engaged in.

Justin, have you talked to an independent lately????


Robert B. Winn said...

I am not an alienated party voter. I registered independent the first time I registered to vote because I had read the statement made by George Washington that Nancy Hanks quotes on her web page. The United States government was organized and established by independent voters and there were no organized political parties in the United States until the election of 1800, when a party started by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison took over the government and received official recognition from the govevernment.

D.K. said...

Stick it to 'im Hankster!

N. Hanks said...

Thanks, Robert and DK!!!