Friday, August 03, 2007

Conversations on YearlyKos

I'm a little slow on this, but I just discovered you can go on the YearlyKos convention site and watch live-streaming video of the proceedings! They're talking about voting right now, and when someone suggested a federal INDEPENDENT redistricting process, it got a big cheer from the audience!

That might be handy tomorrow (Saturday) for the Presidential Leadership Breakout Session at 12 noon (and btw -- the ever negotiating Hillary will be there before the session to answer questions....). Some Congresspeople will have to be on The Hill for the end of the session..

Chris Cizzilla at the Washington Post notes that Stan Greenberg - whoever he is (there are actually testimonies on his promo that say "Clinton’s pollster, Stan Greenberg, provided the game plan... "Five major changes of government in seven years. And Greenberg was instrumental in each. " hmmm.... but I digress...) - had some advice for the progressive bloggers: Think big. Chris comments: As in, big gains for Democrats in both the House and the Senate in 2008.... Okay.

Also on the Washington Post: Yes, there IS power on the blogosphere - where "The fact is, the Net roots cannot win elections by ourselves," Markos "Kos" Moulitsas ZĂșniga, founder of Daily Kos and the namesake of the event, said this week. "But we can be a key component to a winning Democratic strategy...." Again, okay..... [And BTW, I agree that bloggers can't pull votes -- as they say, PEOPLE pull votes....]

In YearlyKos Convention Underscores Blogging’s Tricky Political Role Joe Gandelman at The Moderate Voice thinks that's an indication that the original Kos is "much more the hard-nosed political realist". I beg to differ. If Kos were a player in any game other than the Democratic Party, he'd be soft.

Which leads me to Gun Toting Liberal (now on The Hankster sidebar)- who seems independent enough... He's NOT going to YearlyKos and here's why:

While I may be a bleeding heart, dyed in the wool “Liberal”, I’m proud of the fact I am INDEPENDENTLY SO. Just tacking a “D” behind your name isn’t going to earn my endorsement. While I’m both grateful and proud of the traffic and readership stats we receive here at The GTL™, there’s no doubt in my mind at all if I were to tack that “D” behind our moniker, and completely surrender any form of independent (small “I” on purpose) thought, that daily readership would swell tenfold, and quickly.... Well, you get the idea, so read the rest...

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