Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What's New on The Hankster

USA Today blog "Steve Forbes to tout Giuliani on Blog" TalkRadio today, and WSJ "Washwire" "Blogger's Take on Rove's Resignation" are key ones.... Now on The Hankster sidebar.... Check them out!

Are you an independent voter with attitude? Let us know! If you have a great independent blog or you know of some great independent news, email The Hankster! You're in!

Talk/Talk with Fred Newman and Jackie Salit-- not new, but new on The Hankster sidebar. This week FIGHTS, COMEBACKS and ASTERISKS -- an independent take on the Sunday talk shows is now available at the click on Talk/Talk ....
And by the way, did you see this post by Glenn Greenwald on Salon.com....? "Large numbers of Americans believe that we should stop acting as the world ruler -- the new Pew Poll found "widespread feelings that the US is playing the role of the hegemonic or dominant world leader more than it should be" -- but such views are rigidly excluded from the bi-partisan Foreign Policy Community and thus excluded from what we are permitted in the mainstream to debate....."

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