Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bill Clinton Off His Leash

Read Talk/Talk with Jacqueline Salit and Fred Newman:

Newman: I'm the last one to deny the skill of the Clintons and the Clinton people. I think they're very skillful. On the other hand, if you strip away the decorations, I think they have the skills of bullies. That's who they are. Are they skillful bullies? Yes. But I don't think you can focus on their "skills" without pointing that out.....


Salit: So, what should Obama do?
Newman: Obama should make a very strong and serious public bid for the independents.
Salit: He can't afford the luxury, even in the primary season, of giving independents away to John McCain or to anybody else.
Newman: He's got a natural relationship to the independents. But, he's got to push that all the way. And I think there's some indication that he's trying to do that. But, he's got to do that and he's got to do it fast.

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