Thursday, January 31, 2008


Tuesday's primary vote breaks turnout record (Herald Tribune)

  • N.Y. Republicans endorse McCain (Ithaca Journal)
  • Obama builds consensus (LETTER to Ithaca Journal)
  • No Clinton-Giuliani `rematch' in NY (AP) Neither McCain nor Obama will be able to lean on independent voters who propped them up in Iowa and New Hampshire. New York's 2.4 million independents can't vote in primaries.
  • Who is Best For Our Community Obama or Clinton” (Meeting), Grand Council of Guardians Inc. Presents a Community Town Hall Forum “Who is Best For Our Community Obama or Clinton” (from the Obama website) Also, see "Let the People Decide" on hankstertube part 1 and part 2 -- marchers for the Committee for a Harlem Debate between Clinton and Obama.....

  • WNEC poll focuses on Mass. vote - 48% of indies undecided, If the general election were tomorrow, 30 percent said they would support Clinton and 16 would vote for Obama. (WNEC MassLive)
  • Mitt miss dismissed, Weld: Romney doesn’t need Mass. (Boston Herald) unenrolled or independent voters - who outnumber Republicans and are key in the Bay State primary because they can cast ballots for either party - prefer McCain 47 to 20 percent.

  • Obama emerges as primary pick (Truman State University Index) 26 percent of Missourians who intend to vote do not identify themselves with a political party. Comparatively, 60 students in the Index survey indicated that they do not identify themselves with a political party
  • Open Missouri primary offers voters a candidate buffet, and no trail (By Jo Mannies, St. Louis Post Dispatch)

Busted for Petitioning the Government for Redress of Grievances: Paul Jacob Update (Third Party Watch) Kim Wright and Oklahoma Independents defends citizen initiative

Stanton: Clintons' toxic turn doesn't faze Obama (Tucson Citizen)

  • New Poll: John McCain Would Beat Either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama ( Rasmussen: McCain holds leads in part because he does well with independent voters. McCain does better than either Democrat with independents in the new survey, but especially when Clinton is his opponent. Against the former First Lady, he leads 52% to 31% with unaffiliateds.
  • NH: Traditional Polling Methods Do Not Work for Nontraditional Candidates (Huffington Post)
  • The Fight Goes On! (The Conservative Voice) independents are leaning left and voting McCain

EDITORIAL: Utah vote may make big impact (University Journal Editorial Board)
Campaign spotlight to shine on Wisconsin, Calendar, tight races raise state's profile (Journal Sentinel)

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