Friday, January 25, 2008

South Carolina: Polls, Yard Signs and Beauty Shops

An American Research Group poll of likely primary voters conducted over the same period showed a similar lead for Obama. In that poll, Obama led Clinton 45 percent to 36 percent, with Edwards coming in third with 12 percent. (CNN)

Mr. Obama is trying something many observers say has never been done here: He is circumventing entrenched local leadership and building a political machine from scratch. (Brad Warthen's Blog at The State)

In South Carolina, as in Iowa, the Obama campaign has out-hustled, out-innovated, and outorganized its competition. (Marc Ambinder on The Atlantic)

The Obama campaign's innovative Barbershops and Beauty Salons (B&B) outreach program (AFP)


tangled stitch said...

Hi Nancy I'm a NY'er too and a huge Obama supporter, you made me smile to see another NY woman speaking wonderfully abut obama.

N. Hanks said...

Thanks, ts -- I agree with Sen. Obama that we need a new kind of politics. Certainly Hillary represents the old guard and a return to the triangulating days of Clinton #1, even if she is a woman! As an independent I won't be able to vote in the primary here in NY. In fact, it would be great if we had open primaries here!