Saturday, January 29, 2011

Can't Trust "Promises"

Politicans continue to make promises that they can't keep, simply to garner enough votes to win an election. A prime example of this is the subject of independent redistricting, a heated topic that has been put on the table for ten years. We can't trust these "campaign promises" anymore, because partisan issues continue to be put ahead of what the people need. This issue of redistricting is what politicians use to control the voters; they dread the idea of losing the power to create favorable districts for themselves and insure there stay in office.

Redistricting Roundup: Even as full census data has yet to be released, already 4 states have lawsuits (By Geoff Pallay, Ballot News) Lawsuits pertaining to redistricting have been filed in 4 states – Arizona, Florida, Minnesota and Oklahoma.
Redistricting commission picks Angelo Ancheta for vacant slot (Sac Bee) The panel must consist of five Democrats, five Republicans, and four independent or minor-party voters.
My View: Only truly independent redistricting will do (By Colin Schmitt, Times Herald Record - Hudson Valley) What we need, and what these politicians will not allow, is an independent commission committed to ensuring fair redistricting. The politicians have already failed in making this commission binding. If they truly believe what they promised on the campaign trail, they will enact redistricting reform that is truly independent, so that all voices from all citizens will be heard.
Redistricting Hearings Open to the Public Saturday - Session in Toms River will discuss state legislative map, as New Jersey prepares to lose a representative due to Census (By Catherine Galioto and Daniel Nee, Brick Patch) A 13-member commission will redraw the congressional boundaries. The president of the Senate, the speaker of the General Assembly, the minority leader of the Senate, the minority leader of the General Assembly, the democratic state chair and the republican state chair each appoint two people to serve. One independent member is appointed by at least seven of the previous appointed members.
Honey, Do You Mind Leftovers Tonight? (Jim Yardley, American Thinker) Independent voters, particularly those in blue states, are those who will make or break this nation. Their choice in the voting booth is of supreme importance, and if the Republicans offer "leftovers" one more time, they are likely to rebel, even if that rebellion would be self-destructive. [The author is a libertarian]
Guy Velella, 1944-2011, State Senator, Rascal, Stand-up Guy (By Tom Robbins, Village Voice) The transcript is the alleged product of another rogue politician named Pedro Espada Jr. Espada claims to have been secretly taping his talks with Bronx political powers in a bid to get out from under his own pending corruption indictment.
Rhoads Acknowledges Role in Cutler Files Website (Maine Public Broadcasting Network) "And while I disapprove of his involvement and make no excuses for his actions, I love my husband and I stand firmly beside him. That being said let me reiterate that campaigns should be about issues and ideas should be open and honest. "

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