Monday, January 31, 2011

No, David Axelrod, what independents want is inclusion in the process

    California special election Feb. 15 is the first to take place under the new open primary law... No, David Axelrod, what independents want is inclusion in the process -- structural political reform, not politicians cooperating with other politicians... Utah debate on the caucus system between a rank and file member Bill Miller and Chair of the Salt Lake County Repub Party. Miller says "Mike Lee would have been a great example. As a lifelong Republican, I voted mostly Democratic last election after being disenfranchised by the Republican caucus meetings and convention. I want my party back! I want an open primary!"
  • Register by Jan. 31 to Vote in Feb. 15 Special Election (By Paul Chavez, Manhattan Beach Patch - CA) The special elections for state Senate's 28th District and 17th District will be the first governed by the provisions of Proposition 14, the open primary law passed in June that went into effect Jan. 1. If one candidate receives the majority of the votes cast (50 percent plus one), another subsequent election will not be held. If no candidate receive the majority of the votes, a special election will be held April 19, with the top two candidates who received the most votes in the special election facing each other, regardless of party preference.
  • Q&A with David Axelrod, President Obama's departing senior advisor (By Christi Parsons and Peter Nicholas, Washington Bureau, LA Times) Q: The president needs independent voters. What do you think those voters want right now? A: They want cooperation. Their feeling is that there are things more important than party. That's a feeling we share. It's going to be harder to win over those voters if you take a harshly partisan, dogmatic stance.
  • Obama Needs Real Supporters--Not Cheerleaders (By Eric L. Wattree, Black Star News) So it's very important that Obama supporters speak out loud and clearly so we won't be drowned out by the Washington's special interests. In the final analysis, we're the only one's he can depend on to tell him what he needs to hear as oppose to what's convenient for him to hear.
  • Utahns want independent redistricting commission (BY LEE DAVIDSON, The Salt Lake Tribune) “The less that the politicians have to do with how they are elected, the more I like it.”
  • Caucus extremists make voters irrelevant (BY BILL MILLER, Salt Lake Tribune) The Utah caucus system is undemocratic and unfair. It makes voter opinion and participation meaningless and allows total control by a few activists, extremists and special interests. It stifles accountability to the voters. It is a disservice to Utah citizens.
  • Keep party caucuses (By thomas wright, Salt Lake Tribune) As the chair of the Salt Lake County GOP, I have had a front-row seat in seeing just how great this system is. A candidate can win without the big machine and big bucks required by candidates in states that pick nominees in a primary election.

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