Monday, January 10, 2011

Where is Real Reform Taking Place?

Although we find California slowly getting back on its feet economically, its way ahead of the curve when it comes to reform for voters, who are allowed to vote in primaries regardless of party affiliation or lack thereof. In New York, Cuomo continues to push his agenda for "ethics" reform while there is still an absence of voter-initiative and referendum. Not that he isn't addressing a primary issue, but it does raise an intriguing question when contrasted with the movement in California: what do you think is real reform?

Editorial: Mark your calendars — California will be back (Written by Pacific Coast Business Times) Political redistricting and open primaries. Budget gridlock in Sacramento is a symptom of a deeper illness: California is afflicted with some of the most egregious political practices this side of the Kremlin. If the initiatives work, Schwarzenegger could go down as one of the Golden State’s great reformers.

Biz fills a $10M war chest - Cuomo asked, CEOs answered with push to foil any union blitz (Crain's New York) Businesses in the city and state have tried to unite in the past, but self-interest has thwarted their effectiveness. A unified approach is more likely this time, however, with Mr. Cuomo taking the lead and public unions on the defensive nationwide… He temporarily silenced the Working Families Party by accepting their ballot line last November in exchange for its support of his legislative priorities.

Christie: Education tops State of the State speech (By The Associated Press, ANGELA DELLI SANTI, Newsday) Christie said he'll address the achievement gap that still exists between wealthy and poor districts despite massive amounts of money poured into poor districts in an attempt to raise test scores and graduation rates.

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