Friday, January 21, 2011

Is White House Avoiding Independent Voters?

The U.S. House will be voting next week on abolishing public funding for Presidential candidates that can raise at least $5,000 over twenty states. This vote is the first of many that will try and abolish some sort of federal spending. Another bill in the Massachusetts senate was voted down in a landslide which proposed having an independent panel control redistricting lines, citing that "there’s no evidence that states with independent commissions draw better maps than those that rely on legislative committees". We also have an interview between ABC's John Tapper and White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. An interesting aspect of this interview is when Tapper asks Gibbs what he thinks Obama needs to do to "win back independents", why does Gibbs so carefully avoid using the word "independent"?

  • Pedro memoir an 'El'-raiser - Raged at Spitzer: scribe (By MITCHEL MADDUX, NY Post) When former state Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. hired a ghostwriter to pen his memoirs back in 2006, he intended to use the tome to launch a political attack against Eliot Spitzer, the writer told The Post.
  • State Conservative Party's Michael Long praises Gov. Cuomo's fiscal agenda (BY KENNETH LOVETT, DAILY NEWS ALBANY BUREAU CHIEF) The grass-roots effort will be financed with money from the party's campaign coffers, which in July received a $1 million donation that funded ads opposing the controversial Ground Zero mosque the Conservative Party ran.
  • Bloomberg Targets Unions in State of the City (by Courtney Gross, Gotham Gazette) With the exception of the mayor's pension and labor proposals, his address was light on major public policy overhauls. New initiatives the mayor did announce were on the smaller scale -- such as forgiving health code fines if a restaurant received a grade A on its inspections.

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