Friday, January 14, 2011

President Obama's Approval Rating Misleading?

Our first piece of news today surrounds Markos Moulitsas' comments concerning open primaries; he believes they should be eliminated entirely. He attempts to defend these comments by stating that open primaries allow for "political mischief" when in reality he is concerned with the fact that it could "spell death for the two-party system". Speaking of democrats, specifics from the new approval ratings for President Obama continue to come in, with various opinions of what he's done with health care and the economy being the primary issues of discussion. Moreover, although his approval rating seems to be on the rise, these numbers may be misleading, as non-partisan voters have seemed to turn on him as his approval rating with them has dropped 11% over the last two years.

  • Moulitsas: Another Anti-Democracy Democrat By: themalcontent, Firedoglake) as [Markos Moulitsas] and other establishment-supporting operatives know all too well – open primaries spell the death for the two-party system.

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