Monday, August 25, 2008

Independents support Barack, Does Barack support independent voters???

Don't get me wrong -- I will most likely pull the lever at my school in New York City for Barack Obama and his running mate (I would think Joe Biden is THE likely the best choice of the hour!)

Obama's campaign and the Democratic Party will depend on support from independent voters to win the Presidency.

My gut instinct from my personal interactions with many independents across the country is that independents are supporting Obama with reservation.

Again, independents are not partisans. Independents are not Democrats or Republicans who LEAN independent. We are not independents who LEAN Dem or Repub.... We are voters who are ANTI-PARTISAN. We support a platform of open primaries, open debates, fair process for third parties. We support democracy and a voice for the American people.

Our best to Barack. Without political reform, it won't make a difference. But give it your best shot!!


Olivier said...

I am an independent voter, and my key concern in this election is that if we have 4 years with Obama as our president it will be much worse than 8 years with George W. Bush.

The Angry Independent said...

Glad I am not the only one with reservations.

I am still waiting for Obama to define himself and clearly articulate what he plans to do as President... regarding both domestic and foreign policy.

I don't think he is going to do this at the Convention. I suspect it will be more grand themes... w/ little substance.

I was flirting with voting for the first time this year.... but I can't vote for someone who has not explained his core beliefs or his plans for the country...regarding foreign policy in particular.

Regarding independents... there was a survey done either earlier this year or last year that indicated that most Americans believed that a 3rd Party was needed (but no one seemed interested in creating a 3rd Party). I don't know if you remember that article or not.

Anyway, I won't be voting for Obama... not this time... but I do hope that McSame is soundly defeated. He scares the crap out of me.

Oh yeah... the cat in the above video was too funny.

N. Hanks said...

Thanks for dropping by, Angry Independent! Yes, I do indeed remember the story about the majority of Americans thinking we need a third party. I think Americans are also pragmatists and therefore when it comes to voting, they don't vote third party because third parties don't win in a two-party system (by definition...) and that's what American politics is all about. Unless we change what American politics is all about!!! That's why we need reform. And not just reform, we need a new way of doing politics altogether!

(And, yes, I thought the cat was funny too!)