Thursday, November 20, 2008


Peace pushes for vote on open primary in 2010 ( Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has raised open primaries as a government reform he's hoping to enact, and Peace said he'd welcome the governor's support as part of a bipartisan group backing the measure.

  • GOP voters were apathetic (Gary Andres, Washington Times) Mr. McCain received 299,650 fewer votes in Ohio than did Mr. Bush four years earlier. So Mr. McCain "lost" more votes than Mr. Obama "gained." These vanishing Republicans led to the loss of one GOP incumbent and at least another open seat (another remains in a recount) in this key Midwestern battleground.
  • Obama ‘Network’ Developing a Rift - #6. (News Max - Campaign manager David Plouffe indicated which side of the developing rift he was on when he recently used Obama’s e-mail list to ask for donations to help the DNC repay its debt. But Steve Hildebrand, Obama’s deputy campaign manager, cautioned that Obama got elected with a significant number of independent voters and a fair number of Republicans.
  • Charlotte's changing power base (Creative Loafing - Charlotte NC) to get from 34 percent to the 50.1 percent you need to win citywide if you are an African-American Democrat candidate in Charlotte. You merely need to capture the black vote, an easy assignment, half the white Democrat vote and a third of the unaffiliated vote.
  • Will Obama be the First "Freedom" Democrat? (CounterPunch) or will he prove to be just another Democratic President who happens to be black?

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