Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Former Staten Islander feted at Anti-Corruption Awards ceremony

How do I know this is politically "a new day?" Because Barack Obama won the presidential race? Well, yes..... but here's a little more evidence from the Staten Island Advance... Enjoy! - NH

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- If a young person like Tali Leger is any indication, the future of the New York City Independence Party is in good hands... Miss Leger, 24, a former Prince's Bay resident who now lives in Brooklyn, was one of five honorees and party members between the ages of 21 and 24 recognized for their part in Operation Control, an eight-month campaign designed to build county committees in all five boroughs....

...In addition, eight other individuals were honored, including Richard Winger of California, the nationally recognized ballot access expert and editor of Ballot Access News....


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