Monday, March 30, 2009

Jackie Salit: How the Independent Movement Went Left by Going Right

How the Independent Movement Went Left by Going Right


As commentator John McLaughlin remarked, "It's the independents who are controlling the action.  You can't understand what happened on Election Day if you just look at the [two] parties.  You've got to look at what happened with independents."  

    Now, Neo-Independent magazine editor and founder Jacqueline Salit presents that history.
     HOW THE INDEPENDENT MOVEMENT WENT LEFT BY GOING RIGHT goes behind the headlines to consider the strategic alliances, innovative tactics and on-the-ground organizing that positioned the independent movement as a mainstream force for political development.
     Salit offers key insights into the changing character of the American political process - examining efforts to integrate the Perot movement, the significance of open primaries, and the vital connection between small, qualitative developments and sweeping social change.
     HOW THE INDEPENDENT MOVEMENT WENT LEFT BY GOING RIGHT is an important, untold story about how we, the America people, built a movement that challenges the culture of partisanship.



"A comprehensive overview of the impact of the independent movement on the Obama election."
- Douglas Schoen 
 Political Strategist 


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Jacqueline Salit paints a vivid picture of a fluid but pivotal movement that broke into the mainstream in 1992 in the explosive center-right campaign of Ross Perot. In her dual role of political player and analyst, she documents its evolution over the next 16 years into a center-left, multi-racial movement that changed the rules of engagement in 2008. 

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