Sunday, March 08, 2009


  • WA STATE: Kastama: Good reason to oppose bill featured in ad Sen. Kastama: The root of all evil (JIM KASTAMA; STATE SENATOR 25TH LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT PUYALLUP, The News Tribune)
  • Dr. Joe Harrop: Under the big top or just a side show? (Red Bluff Daily News CA) That is one reason some of those six heretical GOP profligates have proposed an open primary. That possible blessing is that a new party may arise, a party of open-minded individuals who are willing to work together to improve government and society without being slaves to ideology.

  • New York City Republican Party More Likely to Let Mayor Bloomberg Run in its Primary (Ballot Access News) His strong showing in Brooklyn makes it likely that he will also receive permission from at least two other borough committees.
  • 'Irish For Mike' (NY Daily News/Daily Politics) Lucadamo also spotted signs sponsored by the Rockaway Republicans that read: “Our candidates: Michael Bloomberg, Eric Ulrich (the councilman-elect who won the seat previously held by Democrat Joe Addabbo) and Jerry Sullivan (an Assembly candidate).”
  • New York Libertarian Expects to Qualify in Special US House Election (Ballot Access News) The Independence Party and the Working Families Party both cross-endorsed the Democratic nominee, and the Conservative Party cross-endorsed the Republican nominee.

GALLAGHER: Not your mama's liberals (Maggie Gallagher, Washtingon Times) Republicans say: The stimulus package/new budget expansion is "pork"; it contains something called "earmarks," they tell the American people. It is "wasteful" government spending that drives up an abstraction called the "deficit." Barack Obama, we fear, is engaged in "class warfare," which is fundamentally "unfair" given that, as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg blurted out, 1 percent of the taxpayers pay 50 percent or more of the taxes.

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imee said...

I can't help but notice Maggie Gallagher's statement... It's true, that the Republicans believe the stimulus package is full of pork and earmarks. I can't help but start to believe that most Republicans are way in over their heads. I don't hate them, but I just think that their focus is on something completely different than the President intends, which is the focus on change...for the better.