Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lenora Fulani To NYC Charter Revision Commission: This is about Democracy.

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The NYC Charter Revision Commission held a public hearing tonight at the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building on 125th Street, a block away from the famed Apollo Theater. Seemingly designed to "take care of" some administrative issues about reporting and administrative tribunals (testimony from Esther Fuchs made a rather passionate point about the fact that political issues intervened and prevented putting a referendum on the ballot that was 10 years over-due 10 years ago about reporting issues... And there was testimony from Deputy  Mayor for Legal Affairs Carol A. Robles-Román about the court system that regulates city businesses such as cabs and etc. Recommended reading: Jill Colvin, NAinfo)

So, from my sketch-note: NOT DIRECT QUOTES mind you, but please check back in for the video later tonight...

I'm simply a Black woman -- who will never be asked to sit on a commission like this...

Nonpartisan elections is the issue that has come forward -- 2 million people in California voted for nonpartisans, tens of thousands are debating nonpartisans throughout the country...

The role of the committee is not to decide the issue -- but to decide what issues the voters will decide. The #1 issue is nonpartisan elections.

Objections from the Commission:
"No time"
"Needs more study"
"What if it doesn't win???"
"What if it's too big????"

We just elected the first black President of the United States in a country that was based on slavery. (Pretty big!)

Every step to enfranchise people has required something big.

Note to NYC Charter Revision Commission: We are not counting on you to educate the public about this issue. We were on the street in Harlem for Harlem Week yesterday and signed up a hundred people who support nonpartisan elections.

Thanks to good work of attorney Harry Kresky, Dr. Phil Thompson of MIT, and stalwart good government group Citizens Union (Dick Dadey testimony)

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And while you're waiting for YouTube/Hankstertube, check out NY1 - http://manhattan.ny1.com/content/top_stories/122722/charter-review-commission-gets-earful-in-harlem

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