Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Donald Trump Might Be Rich, But He Ain't No Independent


  • Donald Trump threatens to run as independent if he can't win GOP nomination (By Jeff Mapes, The Oregonian) Can't say this has much to do with Oregon politics, other than it being something that ought to give Democrats here a little shiver of pleasure.  Let's see, what would be equivalent news that might thrill Republicans?  New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg launching his own independent candidacy?
  • Trump Will ‘Probably’ Run as Independent If He Doesn’t Win GOP Nomination (Wall Street Journal/Washington Wire) “I am very conservative,” said Mr. Trump. “The concern is if I don’t win [the GOP primary] will I run as an independent, and I think the answer is probably yes.” Mr. Trump said he thought he “could possibly win as an independent,” adding, “I’m not doing it for any other reason. I like winning.”
  • Trump says he'll "probably" run as independent if not the GOP nominee (Posted by Stephanie Condon, CBS News) Trump said that given the large segment of American voters who now identify as independent voters rather than as Democratic or Republican, "I'm sort of convinced you can actually win nowadays as an independent." He added, however, that he would have reservations about an independent candidacy because his support comes largely from conservatives, and he does not want to splinter the GOP vote and then lose the election.
  • Video: Trump as Independent in 2012? (By WSJ Staff, Wall Street Journal/Metropolis) Trump is tied for first place among a crop of GOP 2012 hopefuls in the latest CNN/Opinion Research poll.

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