Sunday, April 03, 2011

Proposition 14 Challenges Parties to Go Beyond Their Base


  • State GOP shoots itself in foot again (By Tom Elias, Long Beach Press Telegram) The latest self-destructive move came at the party's late-winter state convention, where activist delegates voted to stage an end-run around the "top-two" open primary election system that now allows all voters to cast ballots for any candidates they like, regardless of party. That system gets its first large-scale test in the statewide primary set for next spring.
  • DIANNE HARDISTY: No tombstone yet for the GOP (The Bakersfield Californian) And the top-two open-primary system is expected to give moderate candidates better election chances. If moderate Republicans finish in the top two, likely more independent and Democratic voters will elect them.
  • ON SACRAMENTO'S DYSFUNCTION - Relief may come - in 2012 (John Diaz, San Francisco Chronicle) However, relief may be on the way. Two voter-passed initiatives - redistricting reform, the open primary - are likely to force legislators of both parties to start reaching for a wider base of support in 2012 and beyond. Republicans who cling to their no-tax pledges while public education is deteriorating and potholes are proliferating are going to have to explain themselves to Democrats and independents.

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