Thursday, February 23, 2012

Arizona Independents Advocate Top Two Open Primary System

Arizona Independents eyeing Open Elections/Open Government Act (by Damon Eris, IVN) “We’re actually projecting that independents will outnumber both Republicans and Democrats [in Arizona] by November,” said Ted Downing of Independent Voting in a recent report for KTAR news.

Read more about Arizona Open Elections/Open Government here: Open Elections/Open Government
will fundamentally change and reform our election process by implementing an open primary system where the top two vote getters, regardless of political party, will advance to a run-off election.

This will encourage more qualified and independent-minded candidates to seek elected office – candidates guided by common sense instead of extreme ideology from either side of the political spectrum. Even more important, Open Elections/Open Government will open our election process up to more VOTERS.

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