Sunday, February 12, 2012

Linda Killian Speaks With Independents at Cathy Stewart's Politics for the People

4 Types of Independent Voters Who Could Swing the 2012 Elections (By Linda Killian, The Atlantic) They have come to meet Kathleen Curry, their state representative who in 2010 was running for re-election to the legislature as an independent write-in candidate, a serious uphill battle. Bruce Christensen, the mayor of Glenwood Springs, is an independent and a Curry supporter. He's lived in this town for more than 30 years, been an independent for all of that time, and been mayor for the last five. "The way you govern is you build consensus. You meet in the middle and everybody gives a little and you get something done."

Linda Killian spoke at Cathy Stewart's Politics for the People forum last month

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