Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Cathy Stewart: Politics for the People with Jackie Salit and Mickey Edwards

This week, The Hankster features Cathy Stewart's Politics for the People (#P4P on twitter), a monthly forum where independent political activists and ordinary people in New York City dialogue with each other and engage city, state and national elected and non-elected leaders on events of the day concerning independent politics. 

Please join P4P on The Hankster this week as Cathy Stewart brings to the stage Mickey Edwards, former Congressman from Oklahoma City and author of the upcoming book based on his provocative Atlantic article How to Turn Republicans and Democrats in to Americans, and Jackie Salit, President, and author of a soon-to-be-published book Independents Rising 

National Common Ground Examiner very insightful advance review!

Salit and Edwards speak with New York City Independence Party Organization members, independent activists, and a national audience of concerned Americans, as covered by C-Span (yes, do CHECK BACK for C-Span coverage of this event) in an important dialogue  about our highly partisan-centric democratic process.

Here The Hankster continues this week's series with some opening thoughts by P4P guests, Jackie Salit and Mickey Edwards. 

Jackie Salit, a consummate outsider, talks about the historic moment we live in where the incapacity of the old institutions (the parties) to respond to the new conditions (40% of Americans consider themselves independent and an all time low of 82% of Americans disapprove of the job Congress is doing, according to Gallup) -- these historic conditions present opportunity for change and growth among the American body politic.

Mickey Edwards, the very charming Oklahoma Representative from Oklahoma City charged with representing the 5th Congressional District, and having spent 16 years serving his district in Congress and teaching at Harvard and Princeton, is now a director of The Constitution Projects, talks about his experience in Washington and asks the question: What can you do about it? "The revolution has already begun!" he says.

Join Cathy Stewart as she conducts an important chorus within in the political current political dialogue -- Jackie Salit and Mickey Edwards, as they begin their dialogue with the independent community in New York City at Baruch College's William & Anita Newman Conference Centerin NYC.

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