Wednesday, July 03, 2013

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY: Adolfo Carrion and Randy Miller - The Power of the People's Politics Grows and Develops!

Hi Hanskteristas! Happy Independence Day!

This July Fourth, as usual, I will be joining my many NYC Independence Party Organizations activists for our annual Adolfo Carrion. We are close to our goal of 5,000 sigs and --  we ALWAYS get our guy - on the ballot!
Nancy Hanks and Jo Coskie about to kick ass in Maspeth
Independence Day festivities of combing the boroughs for signatures for our candidates -- in this case, our NYC Mayoral candidate,

Adolfo is a particularly good candidate for NYC independents this year, I think, because he's a new independent with a mission. Mr. Carrion, served as the Bronx Borough President for 2 terms,
1 term as a City Council Member, and he initiated the Office of Urban Affairs for President Obama during his first term. Adolfo left the Democratic Party last fall to become an independent because he wanted to make a difference in NYC and discovered that the ways the parties operate are contrary to his principals.

Kudos, Mr. Carrion! You are in good company! We are happy to have you!


Grassroots independent activist and Hankster contributor Randy Miller reports to us regularly on Utah politics via Utah League of Independent Voters

Randy, an Iraq vet, a wonderful husband and father, and a passionate political independent -- and a surveyor by trade -- has run for office, written letters to the editor, dogged partisan candidates, and has been on the front lines of the independent movement for years.

Randy is also a political cartoonist.

This week he posted The Power of Editorial Cartoons highlighting the work of Daryl Cagle, Bill Day, Howard Tayler, Steve Benson, and Pat Bagley. In his post, Randy said: "If any non-fictional character has the power to push the Earth off its axis, it had to be some of the talented artists at the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists' convention in Salt Lake City this week."

I admire and support Randy Miller as an American patriot and a fighter for democracy, and I love his political cartoons (many of them have been posted here on The Hankster.)

I would point out that there is another non-fictional character that is indeed exercising the power to 'push the Earth off its axis' -- and Randy has been center stage in creating this character -- the characters of the independent movement, the ordinary people who are fed up every day by the partisan destruction of democracy in our country and push relentlessly against all odds for a different, more independent direction.

Adolfo Carrion and Randy Miller are just two of us living this 'character' and power.

They inspire me every day.

Let's get out there and sign up a few more independent Americans!

Happy 4th of July!!

The Hankster

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