Monday, September 30, 2013

Digital Literacy & Creative Technology: New York Gets Smarter With Adolfo Carrion

I attended Independence Party mayoral candidate Adolfo Carrion's press conference this morning at City Hall Park (you will hear the sounds of the fountain in the background on the video below :-) where he rolled out his Tech policy proposals.

In his prepared remarks, Carrion stated, "It's time for a smarter New York that leverages the latest technology to better connect us, move us, protect us and educate us. A new high-tech infrastructure will keep New York competitive and create jobs for our economy for both today and tomorrow."

Mr. Carrion read from his notes, but went "off script" towards the end of his statement to talk about the need for and importance of digital literacy. "We cannot have our kids in public schools on the margins of digital literacy. They need to know how to operate in this new modern high-tech economy. We also need to ensure that we have digital literacy as part of our job training as we re-tool the workforce for the modern economy."

Mr. Carrion also coupled his statement on the need for improving access to online media for New Yorkers with the need for access to support for small business creation.

I could not agree more!!

My own thoughts, as veteran new media pioneer: creative technology is where it's at here and now. The tech sector in the US has shifted. IT ( or "information technology") jobs are moving offshore and tech innovators/programmers/makers/app-developers/entrepreneurs are the new growth industry.

Right on, Adolfo!


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