Monday, September 02, 2013

KRESKY and SALIT: Obama 'efficient administration of elections' not sufficient for democracy

Obama Electoral Commission Omission: Our Voting System Needs Real Reform

We all want voting to be more efficient and less time consuming. But these upgrades won’t change what our electoral system produces—a government paralyzed by partisan gridlock.

Our democracy is in disrepair.  The Supreme Court recently crippled the pre-clearance remedy of the Voting Rights Act.  Efforts are underway in a number of states, north and south, to limit voting by imposing stringent identification standards.  The 40 percent of Americans who are independents are barred from participating in primary elections in most states, unless one of the major parties invites them.  Our rigged system of redistricting is manifestly partisan.  There is unprecedented gridlock in Washington and alarming levels of corruption in State legislatures.
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This sorry state of affairs has not gone entirely unnoticed.  Recently, President Obama appointed a Presidential Commission on Election Administration, in response to breakdown and conflict in the electoral arena.  Its mandate is to “promote the efficient administration of elections,” an understatement of the problem if there ever was one.... READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

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