Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bloomberg, Obama: Don't take independent voters for granted

Don't take independent voters for granted by Betty Ward, Concord New Hampshire Monitor


jeff roby said...

3 observations after reading the comments sections of blogs on a potential Bloomberg candidacy:

(1) they are obsessed with the impact a Bloomberg run would have on the race, while having nothing to say on what issues would be raising (and Bloomberg is a bit vague on that himself).

(2) there is a bit of the "spoiler" hysteria akin to what Nader ran into in 2004, but far less than what you would you might expect.

(3) the one substantive point that gets raised is that Hillary would get hurt if Bloomberg positioned herself to the left of her on the war (U.S. out now!). To which I think a significant number mutter under their breaths, "And she would deserve it."

I would also point out that -- regarding the liberal blogs -- their commenters tend to run to the left of the blogsters themselvesw. And I am proudly left!

jeff roby said...

A commenter on Kos writes:

"If Nader runs, then you have to adjust and account for that reality, rather than bitch and moan about it. And as long as the party is tacking center-right, it can expect some problems on its left-flank, particularly in an electoral year like 2008, when there simply is NO incumbent or heir apparent. Its the best year electorally and dynamically for independent runs in half a century and you can damn well be sure that such circumstances WILL attract independents this cycle like sharks to blood in the water."