Sunday, June 03, 2007

Conversations on Independence

One thing you can say about tonight's (Sunday's) Dem debate from New Hampshire, where independents outnumber both Dems and Repubs, is that it was NOT a conversation on independence. Other than the point where Obama challenged the premise of the question on whether English should be our "official" language, it was the Dems running against Bush in the language of political campaign rhetoric.... and on those terms, I guess Hillary wins... Random Jack has a point system and he's rated them, ending his post with a call to "Vote independent. End the war."

Interesting post by brent called "A bunch of donkeys": Barack looks pretty presidential. He really IS articulate. And black. It's a shame that he's a democrat. If he were independent with some better principles behind him, he'd do very well." Yes, I agree--Obama started his campaign by articulating at least the need for a new vision for America and a new politics. For all we know, he's still doing that at the grassroots but that kind of talk doesn't translate well on national network tv... This goes to the point that we independents need to work that much harder to show ourselves, to speak out, to come together so that if any of the candidates want to break out of the party line, they will have our support.

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