Sunday, June 10, 2007


  • Don't take independent voters for granted (Betty Ward, LETTER TO Concord Monitor)
  • Debates in June? ...a question about how the Republican party can attract independent voters needed to win was left hanging. (Concord Monitor)
  • Silver Lining in GOP's Dark Cloud-While voters will want an un-Bush in 2008, it's by no means clear they'll want a Democrat. (RealClearPolitics)
  • State of the Race: The Republican Presidential Candidates-Giuliani's admirable record and his appeal to independent voters—which may prove vital in what may be a close election—may outweigh some of his more questionable traits. (The Stanford Review)
  • The latest on Gallup (ScrippsNews)
  • CT: Mayoral race gets bizarre with new party (Connecticut Post)
  • MT: Recent election signals new day in Ravalli County-Independent Carlotta Grandstaff trounced incumbent Commissioner Howard Lyons (Missoulian)
  • OH: Voting in a party primary invalidates independence, according to the Ohio AG. (The Vindicator)
  • VA: Sheriff's primary race gets crowded (Potomac News)
  • Illinois Legislature Likely to Pass Timid Ballot Access Bill (Ballot Access News)

1 comment:

jeff roby said...

Giuliani's "miraculous turnaround"? So it's Giuliani time!

So independents want more Muslims tortured at Guantanamo? Supreme Court justices who will overturn Roe v. Wade? Iraq forever?

Yes, some independents are nazis. But I'd rather not applaud that.

What do you think about Giuliani?