Saturday, June 16, 2007


  • Dumb People Choose Presidents (Charlotte Conservative)
  • Presidential Politics (TPMCafe - Reed Hundt - argument for third party run in 2008)
  • Woodruff: Young people are plugged into politics (Fosters online)
  • Robert D. Novak: Pelosi in hot water with the left - more on a possible Bloomberg run (Union Leader)
  • LA Times Question: What is more important to you in choosing a candidate for president: a candidate who bridges partisan divides, or a candidate with long experience in government and policymaking? (LA Times)
  • The Harris Poll: In Race for Democratic Nomination, Obama Closes Gap with Clinton (Wall Street Journal Online)
  • Our View — America flounders on big issues--Partisanship, cynicism, failure to lead — is this why so many Americans are pessimistic about the future? Is this why so many voters say the country is on the wrong track? (The Free Press-Mankato MN)

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