Friday, June 08, 2007

'Independent' means no party links

I wonder what Ohio Sec of State Jennifer Brunner (Columbus Dispatch) would have to say about Sen. Lieberman's campaign last year? (See The Hankster from May 25 "When partisans run as independents")


Robert B. Winn said...

It does not bother me at all to see a party member run as an independent candidate. Independent voters are voters who have not subjected their Constitutional rights to political party interpretation. All voters, even those in political parties have the right to run for public office. If their political party collectivises their right to run for office, that right still exists under the laws of the United States, and they should be encouraged to exercise that right.
The fact is that independent candidates of any kind have a good effect on the government, whereas, political party candidates have a bad effect. But when political parties do not allow any candidates except their own, there are only major party candidates. This is a common tactic of political parties.
Robert B. Winn

N. Hanks said...

Robert - I wholeheartedly agree! Most people in the country don't like political parties just for the reasons you cite. They have too much control over the process!
- Nancy