Wednesday, August 22, 2007


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jeff roby said...

Matt Stoller writes about attacking the "Blue Dogs" in OpenLeft:

"This is going to be uncomfortable for many of us. Criticizing the people we just elected, people who may even be nice to us personally, is never easy. And shifting away from raw partisanship, which was necessary from 2002-2006, towards the idea that we need good Democrats and not Bush Dog Democrats, is going to take some slight adjustments. We're going to be told that we are jeopardizing candidates in swing districts, that we are hurting the possibility of retaining the majority. We're going to be told we're bad Democrats.

"None of that is true, and it is loser talk. There is no such thing as a Republican district, and Democrats only get stronger when we stand confidently for our values. Criticism makes us better, not weaker, and demanding that our candidates stand for ideas and not just party labels will make the Democratic Party a more vibrant and effective vessel for change."

Interesting. Building the Democrats by attacking Democrats. Giving a new twist to the definition of non-partisanship (principle over party label). Riddled with contradictions, but catching on in left the blogosphere.