Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ashley Casey gets 4% in Louisiana's 6th special election Saturday

Chris Cillizza missed the story in his column "Democrat Wins La. Special Election" about special election in Louisiana's 6th district yesterday, where independent candidate Ashley Casey won 4% of the votes, the margin of defeat for Repub Woody Jenkins which allowed Dem Don Cazayoux to win. Fortunately, Robert Goodwin got it (see his comment).

More here:
  • Can Youx Believe It? (National Journal/Hotline) A surprising factor in the race for the Baton Rouge-area CD turned out to be conservative/GOPer-turned-indie Ashley Casey, who took 3.7K votes (4.2% - the margin of defeat for Jenkins)
  • Democrat takes Louisiana special U.S. House election (Southern Political Report) small but significant number -- 3,718 (4%) -- of votes cast for Ashley Casey, a no-party candidate and a former aide to last year’s millionaire gubernatorial candidate John Georges.

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