Saturday, May 03, 2008


  • Open or Closed Primaries: What is the Answer? Many across the country faced the same situation those in Oregon faced on April 30th, a day known in Oregon as “Lockout Day.” For primaries should there be any such day? (by Gary Wood, Nolan Chart)
  • Sec. of state candidates differ little (Mail Tribune - OR) Support for open primaries

  • Suddenly, North Carolina Is Facing Tighter Race (New York Times) Clinton campaign predicted Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama would split those votes evenly. “We were getting destroyed with independents in all those early primaries,” Mr. Smith said Friday.
  • Downtown packed for Clinton visit (BlueRidgeNow Times-News Online) Hendersonville turns out 2000 for Clinton, Repubs switch to unaffilated to vote
  • Notable Numbers-Statistics from the past week that deserve a doubletake. (News Observer) 42.2% of party switchers have become unaffiliated


Independents could shape primary (The Herald-Dispatch) According to voter registration numbers for Huntington's 36 precincts, there are 27,565 registered voters in the city. Of those, 4,175, or 15.1 percent, are nonpartisan or affiliated with a party other than the Democratic, Republican or Mountain parties.

  • Confronting Hillary (By Bill O'Reilly, Town Hall)
  • Huckabee: '08 Evangelical Voters Unlike Others (Christian Post Reporter) Thus far in the 2008 race, McCain has not been able to coalesce evangelicals who are leaving the party to be independent voters.
  • Former Democratic Party Leader Paul Kirk Backs Obama ( Obama ``has and will continue to expand the electorate beyond the traditional Democratic Party base and bring young and new and independent voters to the Democratic banner in November,''
  • Polls Show Obama Struggling to ‘Close the Deal’ (by former DNC Chairman Paul Kirk Jr., who said in a statement: “Senator Obama is the one candidate who has and will continue to expand the electorate beyond the traditional Democratic party base and bring young and new and independent voters
  • Superdelegate News, or Not (New York Times/the Caucus) Kirk on Obama's ability to bring independents into the Dem Party
  • A Third Former DNC Chief Lines Up Behind Obama (Wall Street Journal/Washington Wire)
  • Rasmussen: 58 Per cent Think Obama Denounced Wright For Political Convenience (Digital Journal) Just 36% of Democrats believe outrage was the motivation for Obama to denounce his former Pastor. That view is shared by 38% of unaffiliated voters and 16% of Republicans.

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