Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Conversations on independent voters in Indiana and North Carolina

What can't be ignored about Ohio & Pennsylvania is that while they are "swing states" and Hillary is crowing that Obama's "losses" there reflect badly for November (where, admittedly, it is winner take all) they were also closed primaries. There were stories of independent voters being turned away from the booths in PA (they didn't know they couldn't vote that day; not helping the stereotype of 'swing voters' as thick). A win in a closed primary means that the candidate has strong appeal to the identified members of the party. But that's it. That fact has comparatively little information about how well a candidate will do in the "open" voting of November. (Life in the Styx)

Independent voters (who have claimed no party affiliation) can vote in today's primary as well. Estimates are that 1.5 million people will be casting votes here in NC. (You Kick The Door - Exercising the right to vote)

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