Wednesday, May 21, 2008


  • Democratic voter turnout is heavy: 43% (Kentucky Herald Leader) the only problems she'd experienced Tuesday morning were voters at the wrong precinct and independent voters who did not have anyone on the ballot in that district. [UPDATED FROM YESTERDAY]
  • More Than 1 Million Oregonians Vote In Primary (KPTV - Fox News) [UPDATED]
  • Holmes: What Democrats have done right (Daily News Tribune Waltham MA) Schwarzenegger told the San Francisco Chronicle. "Let's let the party come all the way to the center," grabbing independent voters with more moderate positions on issues like global warming and immigration reform.
  • VCU poll finds McCain leads among Virginia voters ( McCain also leads Obama among registered independent voters, 44 to 34 percent
  • Number soup - Some general election polling shows Democrats commanding most issues (Charlie Cook, MSNBC) In this poll, McCain ran much stronger than Clinton among independents, 48 percent to 36 percent, but trailed Obama among the same group, getting 37 percent to Obama's 44 percent.

  • Lobbyists: This is our thanks? (Politico) Both campaigns are using the issue to compete for independent voters in November by claiming to be distant from the special interests in Washington.
  • Awaiting Word From The Big Easy (Steve Rankin, Free Citizen) it's strange that Barbour is promoting voter ID as a tool for closing primaries
  • Siena Poll: NYers Oppose Judicial Pay Raise (North Country Gazette) ”Democrats want to see the Democrats in charge and Republicans want to see Republicans keep control. Independent voters are evenly divided.

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