Sunday, May 04, 2008


  • Women likely lead in statewide polls (The Ft Wayne Journal Gazette)
  • Granite Status update: NH Democrats say they're unified (Union Leader) Craig Turk is a writer for the popular television show "Boston Legal." He's also an attorney who was general counsel for McCain's 2000 presidential campaign. An upcoming politically-oriented episode written by Turk includes a fictional Democratic attorney. His name: Steve Duprey. [From Boston Legal Forum: Shirley Schmidt's nephew - a pledged delegate - informs her that he's going to vote for another presidential candidate than the one his state voted for, she enlists the aid of Alan Shore to take him and the Democratic National Party to court. The episode aired Wed. April 30]
  • Voters skip state, local races By Mark Binker (Greensboro News Record) Unaffiliated voters in North Carolina can vote in either the Democratic or Republican primaries. As of late last week, four out of five unaffiliated voters chose Dem ballots
  • Election '08: For Democrats, the waiting is over (Fayetteville Observer) Survey USA says it’s 49 percent for Obama, 44 percent for Clinton. That poll shows Clinton’s numbers rising in the Research Triangle, and the two candidates even among the state’s unaffiliated voters. “We will declare victory if we lose by 15 points or less,” Ace Smith, manager of Clinton’s North Carolina campaign
  • Obama Team Remains Unshaken (Politico/WFMJ) one of the most striking elements of his campaign this week was what's missing: any hint of internal upheaval.

SEAN BELL VERDICT PROTEST * Sharpton plans mass arrests to protest Sean Bell verdict (The Daily Voice)

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