Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Barack Obama, Dennis Kucinich, and Who's Calling the Shots

South Carolina's biggest newspaper The State has endorsed Barack Obama for the Dem primary on Saturday, citing Obama's unifying style of leadership ("He’s not neglecting his core values; he defends his progressive vision with vigorous integrity. But for him, American unity - transcending party - is a core value in itself.") vs. Clinton's restoration campaign ("the Clintons’ joint career in public life seems oriented toward securing victory and personal vindication.")

Dennis Kucinich was denied inclusion in the CNN debate last night by the FCC because he's not a "major presidential candidate". The fact is that the media big shots who have been holding these debates this year are making up the rules as they go along and the FCC has nothing to say about it and doesn't even pretend to care about a fair debates process. More and more people are disillusioned by the exclusionary clubhouse culture of our political process. "Independent" is the fastest-growing political status in America, thanks to cynical, destructive rules like these.

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