Friday, January 25, 2008


  • Arts Education Partnership touts independent voters as backers (Press Release)
  • They Like Mike (by Michah Sifry, The Nation) It also didn't help that Unity08 wasn't really about enabling independent voters, or dissatisfied Democrats, Republicans and independents, to hammer out an agenda. The big decisions about the agenda were made in advance, by its founders.
  • How Do You Elect an Unpopular Nominee? (National Ledger) Repubs not doing so well
  • Oregon Independent Party Grows (The Oregonian)

  • Tip: Closed primaries favor establishment candidates (Jackson Sun - TN)
  • Unaffiliated Connecticut voters are "partying up for the primary" (Ridgefield Press)
  • Obama could win open primary in Alabama (Tuscaloosa News)
  • California Repubs have pushed out Independents in closed primary (Paradise Post)

  • Major parties have co-opted minor party demands: Black and Women candidates for president! (NPR)

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