Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Florida: Republicans, Democrats and Independents

CNN has called Florida for Hillary Clinton who has 48% with 24% of the precincts reporting. John Edwards has 15% and Dennis Kucinich (CNN posted Mike Gravel's name instead of Kucinich's for a little while....) has over 5,000 votes, about 2%. Of course this is where the DNC put the state Democratic Party into receivership for changing the date of the primary.... So neither Obama nor the Clintons campaigned there. Obama is winning the black vote with 70%+, while the Clintons are winning the non-black vote, according the the latest exit polls.

The more interesting action is the Repub primary where John McCain and Mitt Romney are neck and neck. Giuliani is running a "John Edwards third" -- about 15%. So apparently America's Mayor is not Florida's first choice for America's President..... Giuliani is expected to withdraw if he doesn't do well tonight, having put all his eggs in the Sunshine basket. Ron Paul has about 3% -- over 31,000 votes so far.

There are no stats for independents because independents cannot vote in the primaries in Florida. Independents make up about 22% of the electorate in Florida, and are disenfranchised by the rules.

Independents should be able to vote in primaries in all the states. Independent voters should have all the rights of citizenship in our democracy, including being able to vote in public elections.

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