Thursday, May 21, 2009

Onward to a more independent (non-partisan) America!

The Pew Research survey that came out today heralds the coming of an independent America!

While Pew Research chooses to introduce their statistical analysis with the obligitory "centrist" definition of independent voters -- and if you HAVE to have a definition (DSM XXVV) of independent ideology, it might as well be "centrist", though independents are notoriously anti-label, anti-ideology, and defy definition, but hey.... that's what a funded study will get you -- the meat of the story is that independents have "emerged as a dominant factor in public opinion as the Obama era begins... Both political parties have lost adherents since the election and an increasing number of Americans identify as independents."

And as a companion piece, WATCH THE VIDEO "How the Independent Movement Went Left by Going Right" with an analysis by an actual independent who has helped lead independents to a position of power nationally -- Jackie Salit's brilliant analysis of the emerging black and independent alliance that elected Barack Obama, and the movement that is growing and still to-be-built. 

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