Tuesday, May 26, 2009


  • Officials look to fill Cov. town bodies (HANNAH CLARKIN, Kent County Times - RI) In the former policy, applications went before the town council, in an earlier draft of the council’s new policy, applications would go to party chairpersons. “As Mr. Spear and I talked about it, we realized that unaffiliated and independent voters might not want to go to the chairs of political parties to submit their applications.”
  • State GOP to pick leader and direction (By MARK BINKER, Greensboro NC News Record) Include independents in primaries? Well, maybe not....
  • Could budget defeat lead to reform? (Jerry Roberts, Phil Trounstine, San Francisco Chronicle) Open primaries key to more democracy in California
  • Political Outsider Finds a Fight Inside City Hall (MONICA DAVEY, Tuscaloosa News) Whatever stereotypes there are for politicians, Mr. Funkhouser, who considers himself an independent, fits none of them. He is 6-foot-8, bearded and gangly. He has a Ph.D. in public administration and sociology but grew up in the hills of West Virginia and once worked in an aluminum factory. And for almost two decades, he was Kansas City’s auditor, a fearless, headline-grabbing critic of city programs who was unafraid to poke at Kansas City’s business establishment, its developers and its political elite.


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