Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Democrats and Mistakes, Independents, and Republicans

Democrats and Mistakes: Earlier I posted a link to a post on Polit Bureau "Independence day for Democrats" that I credited to Newsday. Thanks to David Reich-Hale Editor Long Island Business News for the correction! (I can't speak for the correctness of Nassau Co. IP's endorsements....)

Independents: Meanwhile, the New York City organizations of the Independence Party of New York have endorsed independent Mayor Mike Bloomberg for a third term. There's a rally in Harlem on Thursday June 4 at the A.M.E. Bethel Church.

Republicans: And the Queens County Independence Party just honored long-time independents Dr. Fred Newman and Dr. Lenora Fulani, along with independent Republican NY State Senator Frank Padavan (11th CD) at its 8th annual Queens Spring Chair Reception. Sen. Padavan pointed out that there are more independents in his district than Republicans, so it is because of independents that he is in office. We might also add that Sen. Padavan is one of those rare elected officials who actually listens to his constiutents (regardless of party or non-party) and is thereby much less beholden to partisan interests than most. Cudos, Senator Padavan!

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