Friday, July 03, 2009

Friday Nite Hankster Chat: Fourth of July Independent Style!

Just got home from a petitioning shift with Bronx IP activist Michelle Pepe (recent graduate of Iona College in New Rochelle, NY) in Queens County Council District 31. VERY successful shift - we brought home 9 in 4 hours!

James Tkacen, a volunteer for Eric Ulrich's City Council race (he won the Feb. nonpartisan special election and has gotten support before from the Queens IP County Committee) -- and by the way a college mate of Michelle at Iona College (small world!) -- was our district guide today! Thanks for the ride, James!!

Video coming up....

There was so much support at the grassroots for independent politics on the eve of Independence Day, I just have to share it! I'm working on video now, so stay tuned...

And, let me know what you're thinking about right now about independent politics, the country, the world...

Talk to you soon!

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