Friday, July 03, 2009


What's shakin' on Fourth of July weekend?

  • Out in Arizona, says independent voters have become a force in Arizona, Repubs are losing ground. "Currently there are 880,128 Independent/unaffiliated voters in Arizona, a 6.8 percent gain from last November to total 28.4 percent of the state’s electorate."

  • California struggles with their budget crisis, and Time Magazine ran a piece that included the open primaries solution: To relieve the logjam in California politics, momentum is growing for an open primary system, in which the two top vote getters in the primary, regardless of party, would face each other in the general election. Proponents believe it would loosen the grip of partisan ideologies and make it easier of moderates to win elections. In addition, a redistricting reform won narrow approval last November and proponents of good government keep trying to lengthen the state's term limits on legislators.


  • Here's the latest in a wide-ranging public dialogue about whether the US is becoming socialist under the Democrats...., Walt Lucas a blogger since 2004 at Rough Stock is " A happily married guy from Esparto. Two kids, three dogs, twenty seven cows, thirty two horses and two cats. Blogging on Politics, Yolo County, Family Life and my constant search to become what God wants me to be", indeed believes the Dems are carrying us down a road to "watered down socialism". He offers this commentary in the Daily Democrat out of Woodland CA...

I'm headed off for my petitioning shift to put the first independent Mayor of New York City on the ballot on the NYC Independence Party line, but I'll be back around 6pm -- JOIN ME FOR A SPECIAL INDEPENDENCE DAY FRIDAY NITE CHAT WITH THE HANKSTER!!! RIGHT HERE!


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